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Population Health

Example Population Health screen

Population Health is designed to support advanced cohort query and large scale output reports.

Population Health functionality supports a number of secondary uses; in particular where there is a need to analyse linked primary and acute data, and gives publishers better access to their own data for direct care purposes.

Within the library hierarchical folder structure, you can create your own folders and subfolders, and include specific code sets, cohorts, and reports.

In Cohorts, you can add a query and specify your required reporting population. For example, you can create a query that only returns those patients with Asthma or those within a specific age range.

In Quality Indicators, you can add quality and outcomes framework (QOF) queries that will return a register of patients for a particular QOF indicator. For example, you can create a QOF query for Diabetes mellitus (DM) or Blood pressure (BP). You can also trend, and graphically display, previously run quality indicator queries using the Cohort Results Trend Dashboard.

Population Health includes:

  • Functional Trends
  • Healthcare Activity
  • Incidence & Prevalence
  • Quality Indicators

Live Population Health projects

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